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Swag Master Bobby 2013年9月8日 15時06分
Glitchy audio. Can't go to website to fix
I bought Psychonauts a month ago and have recently started playing it. Sadly, it is extremely glitchy especially during cutscenes. I looked up the solution but can't visit the website to download openall.dll or whatever it is.

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Ness 2013年9月13日 6時51分 
I'm having the same issue, please help.
DF Vic  [開発者] 2013年9月13日 11時51分 
Hey folks. For starters, have you tried to verify the game's cache via the Steam client?

Additionally, make sure your sound drivers are as up to date as possible.
Swag Master Bobby 2013年9月13日 15時43分 
yes and yes
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