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aarcole 2013년 8월 28일 오전 3시 55분
Finished The Milkman Conspiracy but didnt get the Time to Deliver the Milk achievement
Anyone know why?
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flesk 2013년 8월 28일 오전 6시 24분 
Were you connected to the internet when you completed it? I missed several story achievements in Sword & Sworcery due to a bad internet connection. I think some games register them when you next get a connection, but I don't know if Psychonauts is one of those games.
aarcole 2013년 8월 28일 오후 12시 56분 
No I was connected, I think I may just play it again if I dont have it by the end. Bit of a pain
aarcole 2013년 8월 28일 오후 12시 58분 
Didnt get they call me hunter as well
flesk 2013년 9월 3일 오전 4시 30분 
Strange. I don't know what might be causing it then. Have you tried completing it again from a save?
aarcole 2013년 9월 3일 오전 9시 57분 
Had no other saves I played the game again to get the achievements
aarcole 2013년 9월 3일 오전 9시 59분 
Shame there's no second game
flesk 2013년 9월 4일 오전 5시 46분 
Maybe someone here has a save close to that. My closest one is after finishing Milla's Dance Party.

Yeah, that's a real shame. I hope we do get a sequel some day.
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