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aarcole 2013年8月28日 3時55分
Finished The Milkman Conspiracy but didnt get the Time to Deliver the Milk achievement
Anyone know why?
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flesk 2013年8月28日 6時24分 
Were you connected to the internet when you completed it? I missed several story achievements in Sword & Sworcery due to a bad internet connection. I think some games register them when you next get a connection, but I don't know if Psychonauts is one of those games.
aarcole 2013年8月28日 12時56分 
No I was connected, I think I may just play it again if I dont have it by the end. Bit of a pain
aarcole 2013年8月28日 12時58分 
Didnt get they call me hunter as well
flesk 2013年9月3日 4時30分 
Strange. I don't know what might be causing it then. Have you tried completing it again from a save?
aarcole 2013年9月3日 9時59分 
Shame there's no second game
flesk 2013年9月4日 5時46分 
Maybe someone here has a save close to that. My closest one is after finishing Milla's Dance Party.

Yeah, that's a real shame. I hope we do get a sequel some day.
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