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JustShy 2013年8月15日下午7:07
Won't load my profile
My computer crashed (video card problems, i.e. an excuse to get a new card :)) while I was playing. I swapped out my old video card, booted up and now Psychonauts isn't able to find my old save.

It starts up like it did the first time, before I'd created a profile. I don't have an option to continue or load a game.

So I start a game, and try to load from in game. There are no save games shown.

I checked the folder that has save games and my old save game is still there.


Edit: Doing a little research. Looks like a few people have also had similar issues. My old profile saves are there, but the save games have been overwritten. Now what do I do?
最后由 JustShy 编辑于; 2013年8月15日下午7:21
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DF Vic 2013年8月16日上午10:48 
Howdy. Are you on PC?
JustShy 2013年8月17日上午4:04 
Yes, I got it from Steam.
DF Vic 2013年8月19日上午10:34 
Can you check if you have a user ID folder containing saves in this location:


If so, do you also have save files in the main Doublefine folder?
JustShy 2013年8月21日上午8:49 
There isn't a Doublefine folder.

edit: Searched my entire harddrive for a Doublefine folder and didn't find one. Thank you for taking the time to try to help with this.
最后由 JustShy 编辑于; 2013年8月21日上午8:55
DF Vic 2013年8月21日下午1:03 
No worries.

It's possible you can't find it because the AppData folder is hidden. To get there, hit the Windows + R to open a Run box. Type in '%appdata%' and hit Enter to go to the folder. Try to navigate to the location of the Doublefine folder.
JustShy 2013年8月21日下午3:07 
Still no Doublefine folder.
DF Vic 2013年8月22日上午11:21 
Gah, I mixed up my games. For Psychonauts please check here:

JustShy 2013年8月24日下午1:59 
The profile files are still there. The saves were over-written.
DF Vic 2013年8月28日上午11:33 
Hi JustShy. This is a strange issue that we can't quite nail down. If you delete a profile folder (such as Profile 3), begin a new game with profile 3, and play through in profile 3, can you successfully load save files and continue after you restart the game?
JustShy 2013年8月28日下午3:29 
Yes, I started a profile on the second spot and it works normally.
JustShy 2013年8月28日下午3:33 
Also, when I first checked the folders after this happened, it had new profile files in the Profile 1 folder, and the Profile files from the previous game, but the save files were reset.
SpooderCow 2014年7月1日上午7:57 
DF Vic, does that meen i have to finish the game with the new profile?
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