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renko 2013年8月1日 21時56分
Psychonauts won't give me achievements
HI! So when I play Psychonauts, Steam only shows that I've played it for 14 minutes and it won't let me get achievements. It's very frustrating. Any fix for this? Yes, I am connected to the internet, no, I am not playing in offline mode. Every ther game works other than this one.
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Leonard 2013年8月2日 3時29分 
are you sure you had done what is needed for the achievment?
renko 2013年8月2日 8時07分 
Yes. They are the easy ones, such as pass the training at the beginning. It doesn't even show up on my feed when I play it.
renko 2013年8月2日 9時54分 
Double-checked taht steam community was enabled and yes, it is enabled. Still won't update how long I've been playing it, still refuses to give me achievements.
renko 2013年8月2日 19時53分 
cartman-2000 2013年8月4日 15時00分 
What version of the game are you playing, Windows, Mac or Linux version of the game?

They should work properly on Windows, they do for me, haven't tried to see if it's the same on Linux. I know of one other game which has broken achievements in the linux version.
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renko 2013年8月4日 15時34分 
Windows 7.
renko 2013年8月4日 15時34分 
I've restarted and everything...It's so obnoxious, it doesn't even pop up in my activity.
lungdoc 2013年8月5日 17時41分 
My guess is that Psychonauts is one of the games that doesn't update achievements when the gamer goes online. Some games do this, some games don't:

Not sure why, only that Psychonauts came out way before this achievement era came about, and it was a game that was strictly offline to begin with.
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