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Mark der Kokosnuss Jul 31, 2013 @ 12:57am
I've had a blast playing this game. With all of the achievements achieved, figments fetched, and censors crippled I have run out of things to do. There is a deep craving for more delicious psychonautical escapades somewhere within, looking to be satisfied at any cost.

Enough banter. Are there any mods/ map packs/ .... out there? Even a strap-on beard for raz would make my day.
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puggsoy Jul 31, 2013 @ 4:26am 
As far as I know there are none, and making one would be a challenge, if not impossible altogether. A strap-on beard would be FABULOUS, but even that would (in its simplest form) require you to edit Raz's model and textures. You could probably edit some 2D images fairly easily (the journal, PSI power icons/badges, dialogue mugshots, etc), but I'm not completely sure how to go about replacing the original images.

I did read that playing the game in hi-res at 60 FPS looks really good, if your PC can handle it of course (unfortunately I don't think mine can), so you could replay it with those settings if you're desperate for a different experience.
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