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dynastystar 2013年7月22日 3時31分
beat the game, question though *spoilers*
Okay today I beat the game, and I didn't think that it wouldn't let me out. It automatically sends me to the final phase of the final boss when I enter the door for the Meat Circus, but I was wanting to get that stuff when I could potentially come back. Also, how do I go back to the real world? There's some collectibles stuff I'd like to collect as well in the real world. Did I screw myself over or what?
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Leonard 2013年7月22日 3時36分 
to be able to get back to the camp you have to load the auto save before the point of no return.
Helllloooooo Nurse!!! 2013年7月22日 10時24分 
To get back to camp, you have to load the save file called the point of no return. Otherwise you are stuck in the collective unconscious to finish any level you didn't complete.
dynastystar 2013年7月22日 19時09分 
What about being able to go back and get collectibles in the Meat Circus? As I recall, the Dufflebag's was later on in the area, where as the actual bag was at the beginning.
puggsoy 2013年7月22日 23時03分 
You can use the teleport bug at the end of the Tunnel of Love to return to the starting area, before the bunnies. If you've already entered the tent with Oleander's dad, you can probably use the Smelling Salts to go to the Collective Unconsious, then re-enter the level.
shaunodd 2013年9月4日 15時48分 
Do not do if you want to do a no-glitch run.
1. Complete Lungfishopolis 100% ( You cant go back to the starting area after).
2. climb a big skyspcraper (you can try on the ground but it will be MUCH harder.)
3. get a running start then JUMP!
Tips: During the jump, when your falling RELEASE THE DOUBLE JUMP! When you start falling again, PSI BLAST AND PSI BLAST. You don't have to get ON the islnad, just close to it.
4. You will spawn on kochmara island each time you load the level. Climb the skyscraper amd cutscenes will play. Skip them if you want, they are Die, Kochamara, Die! + By the Drowned Spirit of Oblongata. Shoot Lili to reactivate the PoNR. You do have to climb the skyscraper each time you go into the mental world, so just do the real world collectibles.
(also, you still cant go back to the tunnel of love and tent city after this...)
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shaunodd 2013年9月4日 15時50分 
Read ALL of it before you do it BTW
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