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comp9 2013年6月28日下午10:08
Steam Cloud Out of Sync and Broken, Cannot Download or Upload New Saves
I'm having a very difficult time with Psychonauts and cloud save. From what I can gather Psychonauts received an update since the last time I played it (which was in 2012 I believe) and they moved the save file location. (There is a readme text file in steamapps common for Psychonauts that says savegames have been migrated to the new location.)

When I open Psychonauts I am told my files are out of sync and given the option to download files with a lot "Unknown" text showing for the attributes or upload my own (also with "Unknown" showing).

I have given up hope of resuming where I was last playing, instead I would just like the entire Psychonauts cloud save information to be deleted in full so that my new game with one hour playtime can be uploaded and so that I can stop getting messages about cloud save being out of sync and not working.

When I right-click on Psychonauts in steam and look at cloud save it says I am using 0bytes of my 100MB available for the game. The remote cache file shows some of my old save data info--but these save games never get dowloaded, even when I choose download from cloud.

Both download and upload options time out everytime.

Cloud save is working fine for all of my other games. I am just having an issue with this one.

Has anyone else run into this for this game or any other cloud save games? How did you fix it?
Psychonauts > 综合讨论 > 主题详情
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