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Twice The Dead Women 9 มิ.ย. 2013 @ 5:15pm
When ever i get to the sea monster battle raz crouches and a little brown turd comes out....either thats part of the game and its freezing for a weird reason or this is a strange glitch HELP!!!
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Sky Spider Girl空クモ 11 มิ.ย. 2013 @ 6:31am 
Take a screenshot next time, I'd be able to tell you what's wrong
flesk 11 มิ.ย. 2013 @ 6:38am 
Yeah, I don't really remember Raz taking a dump in the ocean from any of my playthroughs. Could be that I've just suppressed the memory of it though.
Twice The Dead Women 11 มิ.ย. 2013 @ 9:46am 
It was very strange ive recently watch a playthrough and nothing happend with poop.
MasterCrumble 12 มิ.ย. 2013 @ 1:18pm 
What the hell are you talking about, mang?
Twice The Dead Women 12 มิ.ย. 2013 @ 3:07pm 
whats a mang?
MasterCrumble 13 มิ.ย. 2013 @ 9:42am 
It's me typing like a person with an accent.

So are you going to explain your thread any time soon?
Twice The Dead Women 13 มิ.ย. 2013 @ 9:43am 
well if you read the desc.
Sky Spider Girl空クモ 13 มิ.ย. 2013 @ 9:43am 
It's be easier if you just take a photo
Twice The Dead Women 13 มิ.ย. 2013 @ 9:44am 
i did but i dont know how to give it to you
Sky Spider Girl空クモ 13 มิ.ย. 2013 @ 9:45am 
You take a Steam Screenshot, then post the link in your forum post
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