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Aspiflette 2013年6月7日下午8:11
Audio/Vidéo bug

I have a little problem very annoying - when i start the game, everything it's ok, but very quickly (one or two minutes), sounds/videos glitches appear, voices shake... but i don't know why. I use PC, Windows 7.
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=AJSA= megadrivesonic 2013年6月7日下午10:59 
maybe a reinstall might work, im not entierly sure. Try tweaking with the settings.
Aspiflette 2013年6月8日下午4:24 
Not effective :/
DF Daniel  [开发者] 2013年6月11日下午3:38 
Did you try and verify the integrity of the game cache through steam? Also you are not forcing settings through you video card driver correct?

What are your system specs?
ruediix 2013年6月16日下午7:01 
Check that your CPU and GPU aren't overheating. Older games can still stress GPUs and CPUs because newer GPUs weren't designed with the older rendering techniques in mind, thus they don't run them as efficiantly.
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