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λrєȿ 2013年2月25日下午9:48
Can we get Psychonauts HD??
I've been enjoying this game, but on my 50inch tv, resolution and the older graphics start to take away from the experience. I'd love to see an HD patch much like what Strangers Wrath got. Doubt it will ever happen, but who knows, maybe with enough buzz it could.
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Aidan 2013年3月1日下午2:45 
that would be so awesome.
ruediix 2013年3月3日下午3:52 
I doubt they will release replacement models, or enchanced engine. However recent patches are replacing some of the textures because they have to do so anyways for the conversion for OpenGL in the Linux version.

It would be nice if they released the information necessary for fans to throw together an HD Texture pack.

I doubt any fan is dedicated enough to fix up the models. After all, that requires a lot more work.
λrєȿ 2013年3月3日下午6:29 
True, but imagine the incentive. Its an amzing game in its own right, but due to its age some players may simply avoid it. With an HD texture patch, they could see a spike in sales. It would also be a nice gesture to DoubleFine faithful.
5H00T4 2013年3月12日下午2:48 
The only thing they need to get rid of is the FMV cutscenes.
These are truly terrible, of very poor quality and with crackling audio.
Instead, they could play it it out in-engine, i.e. realtime.

This would be the first thing to do for an intern/rookie if I ran a game studio, updating older titles to get a feel of the work and at the same time pleasing fans. :D
ruediix 2013年3月14日上午3:17 
The audio would not improve by moving the cutscenes in-engine. The audio is still recorded.

However, they have already released better compressed audio and cutscenes in the Linux version, and I'm sure Windows will receive those updates.
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