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Ameridrone 2013年2月14日 0時03分
How do you get this in Linux? Is not even listed as Linux game?
I read that Psychonauts is available on Linux, but I do not see it when I search, it only shows this game as Mac and PC.
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Ameridrone 2013年2月14日 0時04分 
I am having the same problem, and was actually just about the post the same question!
mxup 2013年2月15日 5時37分 
for me I didn't have to do anything, it just showed up in my list (I already owned the game through the HIB)
kiddykoff 2013年2月15日 23時26分 
you just buy it, however you're unable to get achievements.
ruediix 2013年2月16日 19時19分 
It's now working in Linux minus the achievements.

This is a known bug.

There are also a handful of flickering textures on ATI cards still, however only one seems to be noticable when you aren't looking for them.
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