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red hat 2013年2月6日 7時26分
Poor performance on Linux?
Anybody else experiencing poor performance on Linux? It's playable, but the low FPS is notable, especially when running around. During the cutscenes (not talking about the videos) it feels very smooth tho. Disabling Vsync and FSAA helped a bit. I have a pretty high-end machine with Intel i5 CPU, Nvidia 660, 16 GB RAM etc., running Ubuntu 12.10 64-bit.
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warci 2013年2月7日 11時28分 
i have just about the same rig as you and i have exactly the same problem!
mxup 2013年2月7日 14時52分 
it runs flawless on my system: AMD Phenom II X4 with Nvidia GTX275 on opensuse 12.2 64bit
trougnouf 2013年2月7日 22時10分 
flawless here too (AMD Phenom II X4 w/ GTX280 on Arch 64bit, 4GB RAM), and it has been since the HIB release (running Debian64)
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DeadWire 2013年2月14日 22時35分 
huh....only diff between out rigs is that Im running a 66ti and its running as well as it did in windows
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