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lebbenfoot 16 gen 2013, ore 14:25
in the level where your in sasha nein's brain and your shooting the censors what button do you hit on your keyboard to make the censor rate go up
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JRCameron 2 mar 2013, ore 18:21 
If you have the standard key configuration, the [F] key is the action key. I don't know whether or not you can get to this point in the game without using the action key, but it's the same thing you use to talk to people. The important thing is that you have to stand at the object that looks like a raising lever, it should have seven different settings on it. 1 through 6, and then a skull. Push it enough times to draw it to the skull, and you will be able to progress.
lebbenfoot 3 mar 2013, ore 4:40 
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