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TheCoolestNerdd 2013年1月10日上午12:12
Sound lag
I'm new to PC gaming and quite often the sound in the game trips over itself and starts stuttering, is there any way to change this?
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JRCameron 2013年3月2日下午6:22 
I have this problem too. The only thing that I know is that you can turn on the subtitles for those moments when the speech is too hard to understand. Beyond that, I've no idea.
DFJustin 2013年3月4日上午10:18 
Try running the game in Windows 95 Compatibility mode, that tends to fix a bunch of problems.
TheCoolestNerdd 2013年3月6日上午11:59 
Is that on the computer?
DFJustin 2013年3月7日上午11:54 
Yup! If you go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Psychonauts , right click Psychonauts.exe and go to properties. Then go to the compatibility tab and click the 'run this program in compatibility mode for:' then select Windows 95., hit apply and ok out.
TheCoolestNerdd 2013年3月7日下午1:11 
ruediix 2013年3月14日上午3:06 
Try installing updated OpenAL. That should fix this issue.

You might also want to try installing the Software OpenAL driver. It is generally more efficiant on sound chips with no real acceleration, such as the HDA type sound chips built into most motherboards these days.
AdvanceStrat 2013年6月27日下午4:31 
I'm having a similar issue, and setting it to Win95 mode doesn't seem to change anything. Any ideas?
Kobe Beef Bryant 2013年7月3日下午7:06 
I have had the same problem since install. Too bad I've never played this and was seriously looking forward to it. Spent some time in this thread which seems to detail the same issue. Tried the OpenAL fix, win95 compat fix, and the audio ini fix. Changing HardwareAccel=false and PreloadVoice=false seemed to help temporarily but within 10 minutes the problem returned. Seems to happen only when a charachter had dialogue, which is frustrating while trying to complete something while orders are being barked at you.
tuxisagamer 2013年7月3日下午7:39 
Having the same problem with the Linux version. Thing is it just started.
tuxisagamer 2013年7月3日下午9:29 
Update. My problem was a poorly seated headphone jack. LOL
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