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wookiewarcry 2012年12月22日 15時31分
i know i am supposed to switch the game to compatibility mode but i cant figure out how when i right click on the file and go to properties i dont get the compatibility tab can anybody help?
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MasterZoentrobe 2013年1月21日 21時05分 
That makes me think that you don't have administrator rights. It might also help to know what OS your using.
wookiewarcry 2013年1月22日 4時03分 
its okay ive done it now
DonSeismo 2013年1月22日 4時41分 
And I have to say it really works, also had random crashes at the beginning, enabled the compatibility mode and everything worked fine for many hours of playtime :)
mrlousyshirt 2013年2月22日 12時25分 
where do i choose compatibility mode?
inside steam?
anywhere else?
DonSeismo 2013年2月22日 12時28分 
Windows, just search the psychonauts exe in your steam folder.
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