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takeaseat 2012年12月21日 10時24分
This game is extremely worth it
If you liked old school platformers like Banjo Kazooie or anything like that, you will love this game.
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Phantom 2012年12月21日 11時50分 
BK <> old school platformer = Mario
Cunin 2012年12月21日 15時54分 
What you consider old-school depends on your age.
Anyway, this is very close to a ps1/2 platformer, kinda like Spyro The Dragon.

It's really worth it, especially at this price.
takeaseat 2012年12月21日 23時39分 
I'm 26 and I'm talking about 3d platformers
beedoo 粉肠 2012年12月22日 3時53分 
this game nice?
DonSeismo 2012年12月22日 4時35分 
Jeb 2012年12月22日 9時35分 
Psychonauts + Banjo Kazooie reference = ARE YOU JONTRON?
Cunin 2012年12月22日 9時38分 
This game is an unforgivable experience, almost perfect in all details. I'm probably too old for this kind of games, but yet I've enjoyed it so much that I 100% it.
You won't regret buying it full price, nevermind when on a sale like this :)
Ol´WASDard 2012年12月23日 9時59分 
1980-2000 for me thats Ol´school^^. This Game here is truly AMAZING ! There is a lot to discover,the artwork is brilliant,good humor....Please dont talk^^ Play the game! if u were a 80´s "computer"kid
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Spooky Picks 2012年12月23日 16時26分 
But Banjo Kazooie had great platforming, this one doesn't. The story, puzzles and jokes are still amazing, though.
Rising_Evil 2013年1月5日 8時07分 
I totally regret that I bought this game...
Thought it would be something like Rayman, Super Mario or else
I would have liked the game , if there weren't these damn boring conversation all the time, like in Adventures...
At least it just cost me 2 € ..
Finn the Human 2013年1月5日 12時46分 
just buy it and set a free weekend, and get ready for an epic comedy-platformer-game, dos it way better in the story department then most new games :D
Big Black 2013年1月13日 19時00分 
This game is more Crash Bandicoot than it is Banjo
Schnuron 2013年2月16日 6時47分 
Psychonauts is a good game, but I kinda agree with Rising_Evil. Raz gets into people's mind was an interesting idea from that game I enjoyed it. I might play it again for a week or a while since this game doesn't have a good "replay value", If I may say so.
Golden Boy 2013年2月16日 6時58分 
Masterpiece of a game that I wish I had given attention to back in '05 when it came out. I really hope they somehow get the 18 million they need to make a second one.
Rising_Evil 2013年4月15日 10時40分 
don't you dare it, to compare this freaky & boring game with masterpieces like Mario & Co. (I'm sorry, but in comparision to games like Super Mario 64, Conker's Bad Fur Day or Rayman 2: The Great Escape this game is (to be honest) complete ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥)
A dialogue option ? A completly childish story, that ist totally freaky , with characters , which might let you think that the producers did drugs during the development ? Come on, this game is more a mh... I don't know but it definitly not a "classic" Jump n'Run like "Mario"'s just too different & crazy..
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