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The Great Clutchthulu 2013年5月29日 14時09分
Loading screen freeze
every few times I go through a loading screen in Psychonauts it freezes at the start and I have to shut down my computer because Alt + Esc isn't working. Help!
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Brodel 2013年5月30日 0時52分 
Tried running in compatibility mode? Or running as admin?
If nothing else, try removing the game and redownloading it.
The Great Clutchthulu 2013年5月31日 12時12分 
isn't compatibility mode bad for steam?
最近の変更はThe Great Clutchthuluが行いました; 2013年6月1日 9時32分
DF Daniel  [開発者] 2013年6月3日 12時51分 
thatguy の投稿を引用:
isn't compatibility mode bad for steam?

No, but running compat mode for Psychonauts alleviates a lot of issues like this. Give it a try and let us know how it goes.
The Great Clutchthulu 2013年6月8日 20時31分 
it's working! thx guy
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