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harla 2013年5月12日 17時48分
Help! Resolution Problem!
Hello, so i've been having a little issue. Everytime I run the game, it starts up in what appears to be the lowest possible resolution. All I see is a extra zoomed in screen. I'm not sure what to do and how to run the game in a mode where i can fix the resolution to match my screen. I'm running it on a mac. Is there any combination of buttons and directions i could press to try and get the resolution to change. For example: Space bar, Escape, Down, Down, Down, Space bar, Down, Down, Space, Space, Escape? You know what i mean!
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ruediix 2013年5月13日 1時49分 
You need to enter the settings. Hit escape to access the settings.

However, changing your resolution should not change the zoom of anything. It sounds like you have a problem with your system settings, as that is the only thing that would cause that issue.
harla 2013年5月19日 23時00分 
As I mentioned, the game opens with a very low resolution, to the point where it appears to show me the top left of what should be the entire screen. Therefore, when I click escape to open settings, I cannot see any text. This is why I requested the button-combinations to readjust the resolution.

Can anyone help! Should I reinstall?
Andytizer 2013年5月20日 0時56分 
Edit resolution in the DisplaySettings.ini

harla 2013年5月20日 9時13分 
Andytizer の投稿を引用:
Edit resolution in the DisplaySettings.ini


thanks, Andy! I figured this would be the solution, however, I'm running Steam and the game through a Mac OS X and can't seem to find the game's data folders. I checked the location section of the wiki page you sent me, and for a mac, it is blank. Does this actually mean that mac does not store data folders for games through steam??
harla 2013年5月20日 9時25分 
I tried my harddrive>library>applicationsupport....there is no steam or game folder. I also tried my documents, where I found only one game data belonging to Don't Starve.
DF Daniel  [開発者] 2013年5月20日 12時03分 
search your mac for the steamapps folder.


The DisplaySettings.ini will be in there.
harla 2013年5月20日 13時26分 
got it! thanks
Andytizer 2013年5月24日 9時46分 
Glad you got it working.
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