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a Yellow Pikmin 2013年4月1日 11時31分
Linux Particle Issues
So I decided to pick up Psychonauts again and play through now that it's Linux native, but I've only mde it to basic braining and I've already seen some issues. Nameley that particle effects like the bugs in the camp and the fire in basic braining are buggy, and Coach Oleander's projections weren't appearing at all in the level.

Are there any fixes for this or is this a known bug at this point?
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ruediix 2013年4月2日 14時00分 
I've personally had no issues with the particle effects.

However, I have noticed the projections, and shadows are not correctly working. I have also seen some issues with flickering textures in a few spots still, although most of them are fixed.
DeadWire 2013年4月5日 1時05分 
Having the exact same issue in Linux Mint 13 64bit.....ideas anyone?
DeadWire 2013年4月6日 6時16分 
Hmm....same issue in Ubuntu 13.04 with the 313 driver
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