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Balem&m 2013年11月5日上午12:23
Join the Psychomaster's Guild of Honor!
Only requirement: Achieve Rank 101 and have every achievement. (Christmas Shopping NOT required, but nice to have anyway)
Exception: If you work or have worked at Double Fine, you can join with or without every achievement! :)

Okay that's all from me! PM me or fellow officer flesk if you want to join.
-Tim (no not Schafer)
最后由 Balem&m 编辑于; 2013年11月14日下午12:54
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flesk 2013年11月5日下午2:52 
Yes, we could use some more members.
MrPower46 2013年11月6日下午1:28 
This may sound like a silly question, but is Christmas Shopping a required achievement for this? Otherwise, you might not get many people before December.
MrPower46 2013年11月6日下午1:29 
That and I would rather not set my time to that-it wreaks havoc on multiple things.
Balem&m 2013年11月6日下午7:33 
I'll have a chat with flesk and get back to you on that one. There are in fact two christmas achievements.
flesk 2013年11月6日下午8:30 
Yes, but only one of them depends on your system time. You can get it anytime by changing it, so there's no need to wait until December.
Balem&m 2013年11月7日上午12:10 
Yep, you are right flesk, my mistake.
Balem&m 2013年11月7日上午12:15 
Okay we've decided to change the rule, Christmas Shopping is now NOT a required achievement!
flesk 2013年11月7日上午2:32 
We could send anyone without it a friendly message around Christmas to remind them that 'tis the season to be 100%-ing their most excellent favourite game in the whole world though.
Balem&m 2013年11月7日上午2:34 
Why of course, that was always the plan in my head!
flesk 2013年11月7日上午2:38 
That's a great plan. We wouldn't want anyone to have their Christmas ruined because they suddenly realized they forgot to get the achievement.
MrPower46 2013年11月7日上午11:07 
How do we send you a message?
SVillaF 2013年11月7日下午9:47 
I'm in, you can see the 101 achievement on my profile
最后由 SVillaF 编辑于; 2013年11月7日下午9:48
flesk 2013年11月7日下午11:48 
Since it's a private group I think you have to be friends with either Bales or me to join, so maybe sending a friend request is just as (or even more) practical; and especially so if you're not feeling chatty enough for a PM.
Balem&m 2013年11月8日上午12:29 
We can invite them from their profile too without friending if needed.
最后由 Balem&m 编辑于; 2013年11月8日上午1:18
flesk 2013年11月8日上午12:51 
It think that only applies to you as group owner, since I tried that and could only choose from the public groups I'm in.
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