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Raamah 2013年11月17日 18時40分
Sluggish framerate
My system is boss, I run BF3 and Crysis and such on ultra without a second thought, and yet this game is super sluggish. The framerate is dreadfully low and the input is off, I'll push the jump button and Raz will jump like 2 seconds later. Is this a known issue? .ini fix? Thanks.
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JacK HerreR™ 2013年11月18日 9時54分 
Reinstall, or run the game in Compatibility Mode.
Raamah 2013年11月18日 21時32分 
I'll give that a go.
LJChronx2 2014年12月12日 2時21分 
I know this is an old thread but I have the same problem exactly. Anyone else?
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