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vacri 1月10日 2時33分
4GB patch because...?
Old game, nothing on the 'news' page, nothing in the forum. Why is it now going for a 4GB patch?

Changelogs would be nice, Steam. Or even just a one-liner.
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Leonard 1月10日 7時09分 
I didn't got a patch,i think it downloaded your whole game again
最近の変更はLeonardが行いました; 1月10日 16時12分
vacri 1月10日 15時16分 
Good to know. Weird though - I haven't touched it in months.
Devotedpupa 1月10日 15時30分 
I got my first crash in this patch. WTF is this...
Timothee 1月11日 22時10分 
I have the same question as the OP!
KittenCanaveral 1月12日 2時53分 
A full code rewrite I am guessing, I guess thats why I lost my saves :(
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