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Favorite Levels?
I want to ask all Psychonauts fans in the forums, What was your favorite level? Mine is probably Lungfishopolis.

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Milkman Conspiracy for sure
The Milkman Conspicary is my favorite level too
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Edgar's Milkman is second thoe.
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Milkman Conspiracy for sure
Don't Steal My Huisband, Tramp. lol.
Anything with the Milkman is easily the winner.
Everyone loves The Milkman Conspiracy LOL
Milkman Conspiracy and Waterloo World.
Waterloo World has to be my favorite, I'm not too keen on board games but I really enjoyed this level. Not to mention the Bonapartes are humerous~
Tie between Waterloo World and Lungfishopolis. They're my favorites in terms of comedy and enjoyable gameplay. What's more fun than directing peasants to fight stereotypical Frenchmen and rampaging through a city of talking lungfish as a Godzilla-sized monster?
Aesthetics and design, it has to be Black Velvetopia. Most fun I second Waterloo and Lungfishopolis!
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Meat Circus.
Definatly the Meat Circus.
Waterloo World was probably my favorite, but Milkman Conspiracy and Mila's Dance Party were also great.
the milkman level and that weird village level, forgot the name, haven't played this game since the xbox, just bought it and waiting for my PC to come so i can download it
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