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chrysicat 2013年12月20日上午3:59
Strangest crash-to-desktop I've ever seen
I was playing Psychonauts and enjoying it right up until about half an hour ago when it suddenly crashed to desktop...and then took my machine into sleep mode...and when I brought it back up, Steam had closed, logged me out, and was in Polish (and in Big Picture, for some reason)!

Not realising that it would wipe my game installs, I uninstalled Steam to make sure that I could re-install properly in English. I don't want to give up on playing Psychonauts with achievements, but if worse comes to worse I have the XBox version on my 360, so if this happens too many more times I can just give up on it...but is there any other way besides a clean reinstall to get Steam back into English if it happens again?
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MrPower46 2013年12月21日下午3:43 
Click the Top left corner of the Steam Client, the first word. Next, choose the sixth option. Then choose the third tab. Press the first drop down menu, and choose your language.
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