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Gamer4Life137 May 4 @ 4:02pm
Graphics and Audio Stuttering
I've seen several other articles on this, but they didn't seem to help. Any suggestions at all would be very welcome. I LOVE this game, but I can barely play because it's stuttering like crazy.
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Squanchy May 5 @ 10:45am 
According to this[] a Double Fine dev said that it has to do with the OpenAL.dll that Psychonauts uses and that using a newer version fixes it. I had the same issue yesterday (with audio stuttering not so much graphics), and I noticed the link provided for the new OpenAl32.dll isn't working anymore, so I just googled it and found it here[]. Just unzip it to reveal the OpenAl32.dll and find where Psychonauts is installed on your PC and overwrite your current OpenAL32.dll with this new one. Fixed all instances of audio stutter for me.
Gamer4Life137 May 5 @ 2:43pm 
It didn't work... I was hoping it would. I also tried disabling all of the graphics options in the pause menu, and I am running it in a 4:3 aspect ratio. Not really sure what else to try...
Squanchy May 5 @ 7:01pm 
Hm, do you have fraps or anything to monitor your fps ingame? Maybe you're at a low frame rate and this game doesn't play well with frame rates below 60fps full speed or something of the like.
Gamer4Life137 May 7 @ 1:35pm 
According to fraps, I am getting a steady 60 fps, except when the stuttering starts. Then it dips to about 30 just for a second, then goes back to 60. I have an intel i7 processor, nvidia geforce 675m gpu, and 8 gb of ram. I've never had any issues with any other games. Metro Last Light plays at a steady 30 fps on very high... So Idk why Psychonauts isn't playing well.
MonochromeFerret May 23 @ 11:26am 
Does your graphics card have a utility for adjusting settings outside of the game? If so, try toning down the settings on that and see if it works.
Gamer4Life137 May 23 @ 11:49am 
Already have... No biggie, I just play it the way it is. A little annoying, but hey, the game's worth it
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