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^0e^3X^0c^3~ May 4 @ 2:35pm
Is this game worth 2,50€?
So, is this game worth the 2,50€ I'm able to get it for with my coupon?
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Madd the Sane May 4 @ 2:38pm 
Short answer, yes.
Leonard May 4 @ 2:40pm 
^0e^3X^0c^3~ May 4 @ 2:41pm 
Well, guess that was all I needed to be convinced, hehe ^^ Thanks.
Gamer4Life137 May 4 @ 3:07pm 
Oh yes.
artSpectre May 6 @ 7:03pm 
It's a steal at that price, yeah
Nihilus May 7 @ 8:26am 
i have a -75% coupon! Anyone interested? Give it for free!
The Transcredible Zapper May 8 @ 6:59am 
Yes, every day of the week
Caffeine Free May 8 @ 11:58am 
If you do not use your coupon to purchase this game, the following may happen:

-Excessive Weight Gain
-Meteor Shower Againts Your Residence
-Family Will Die
-You Will Lose Everything You Love

Now, that may or may not happen.
Best to not take a risk here, am I right?
Alejandro May 10 @ 10:58pm 
It's worth a lot more than that! :D
Nihilus May 11 @ 2:09am 
Still have the coupon if someone interested :)
Tasty Mushroom May 13 @ 8:54pm 
let's see...i had the game on cd first and played it so much the disc broke.
then i bought another copy from a bargain bin and played it some more.
then i saw the game get onto steam and bought it again so i could give the disc version to the kids
i still enjoy the game every now and then.
think it's worth 2.50 ?
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Lati May 14 @ 7:13pm 
Originally posted by robbibacsi:
Still have the coupon if someone interested :)

I would love the coupon! I've been playing my dad's copy, but would really love one of my own.
Nihilus May 15 @ 2:52pm 
I have it in my Inventory.. Active still 20. May. :) Will add you :)
Lati May 15 @ 5:37pm 
Thank you so much!
Chrome_Oo May 16 @ 1:15am 
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