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LordOwenTheThird 2014年3月10日 19時58分
Need Help getting to the Nightmarish Tower
I have no clue how to get up to Dogen up in the nightmarish tower, I completed Milla's dance party and (still shivering from her secret room, really creepy) proceded to the brain tumbler where I entered the Brain Tumbler Experiment. Now, after reaching the top of the purple vine at the base of the tower and fruitlessly trying to levitate, shoot and burn the odd sack of meat at the top of the said purple vine, I have no idea what to do now. A little help please?
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Captain Clam 2014年3月11日 15時08分 
Punch it, and ride the fumes to the top.
LordOwenTheThird 2014年3月12日 20時02分 
oh, really? I feel like an idiot now. Thanks.
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Leonard 2014年3月13日 8時23分 
LordOwenTheThird の投稿を引用:
oh, really? I feel like an idiot now. Thanks.
I had some problems with that too on my first time playing that game,so don't worry XD
Or we are both idiots
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