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Rabble Bot 2014年2月22日下午2:05
No Window Appears on Start Up. Please Help.
Every time I open up Psyconauts there is a brief moment where the window is black, and then it instantly minimizes and I can’t open it up again. I can hear the sound in the background, but I can’t open up the window. Has anyone else had this problem, and if so can you help me? (I’m on a PC btw).
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BuckyKat 2014年2月27日上午11:05 
To get the game to work correctly I had to go into the folder Steam > steamapps > common > Pyschonauts and modify the DisplaySettings.ini file. I changed the following settings to all be false:


Granted I then had to play in a window, but it's better than not being able to play the game at all.
Rabble Bot 2014年2月27日上午11:49 
I'll try that. Thanks! Your right, Psychonauts is worth playing no matter what.
Rabble Bot 2014年2月27日下午6:44 
how did you get to the display settings?
Old School Nerd 2014年3月2日下午3:31 
I had the same problem. Had to change the resolution on my laptop to 1280x768 by right-clicking on my desktop. (assuming you are on Windows)
Rabble Bot 2014年3月2日下午4:21 
Thanks! it all works now!
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