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vey2000 2月22日下午1:06
xbox 360 gui patch missing
Does anyone have a backup of the patch to get xbox 360 gamepad buttons on the gui? The files seem not to be available online anymore.
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piripiago 2月23日上午9:31 
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vey2000 2月23日下午2:30 
Thank you so much!
DrSTEVIL ~RD~ 2月24日上午7:59 
I wanted to say thanks as well. The authors links are all broken
just what i needed, thanks a ton!
Azrael 4月5日下午7:37 
引用自 piripiago
I have a copy. Just uploaded:
Voodooman 4月10日下午12:55 
My original PsychoPad Lite v1.1 is here!1EAU1YAS!Tz8w49Njs_4T-Lp0JvbLethlzQYvvMyx7aZN53FGEko

install it 1st!

And here is 1.1.2 patch (yes, patch for patch so you can patch the patch to patch the game, because Xzibit, thats why XD) which i never published but only gave to some people in private!VU4n1Iha!ZGYGJPEA-SnoPiHzITiG16qI1wQOzWfMwHMjIwWTmPI

Unpack it to psychonauts folder before you apply my patch!
It has better debug information and fixed admin rights and other UAC problems and minor bugs.

There was also unpublished v2.0 ported to AutoIt3 and working just ultra fast, but my HDD died with it. Maybe ill start it over again.
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Zebra Nipples 5月4日上午12:13 
Can I just say thank you for working on this. I've been searching for a working link to your GUI patch for a few days (Mind you searching with incredible laziness)

That 2.0 you mentioned losing on an HDD would be awesome to see as well. Thanks again for this :)
Ki11s0n3 5月8日下午8:38 
Thanks for this
Zoluck 5月13日下午1:40 
is there a way to do the same thing but with playstation prompts?
greatertyler 6月19日上午9:07 
Thank you so much for the new links, Voodooman! I was really hoping this was still around. Great work!
MarcelLo~ 6月28日上午3:29 
Thanks :)
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Kino 7月18日上午8:11 
Thank you very much! =D I've been looking all over for this, but all sites that mentioned this patch redirected to the original post (and its broken links).
最后由 Kino 编辑于; 7月18日上午8:14
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