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TheMartianGeek Feb 13, 2014 @ 7:54pm
Any way to map the controls manually?
See title. While they are still set to what I had them on last time I had the game (I had to reinstall Steam after some technical difficulties), I have one minor nitpick, which is that the key prompts seem to take the specifications from the second column rather than the first. I have the first column set to various buttons on my controller and the second to the keyboard. I would just switch the two, but there is one problem with that: When I first set up the mapping, I was using a different controller from the one I'm using now, and I no longer have the former in working condition. My current controller (or, actually, the adapter) has the odd habit of treating the four parts of the D-pad as both the pad and their own buttons simultaneously (for instance, Up is both "hat up" and button least, I think it was 13; the exact numbers are not important). This has caused problems with control mapping in other programs as well (doing it in VisualBoyAdvance causes them to fill two slots at once, making it impossible to do proper mapping), and I am quite sure that if I were to attempt it here, the same would be true. While it doesn't really matter whether the game reads it as "pad X" or "button Y", it seemed that if I wanted to map the left stick to movement, I actually had to press the D-pad. So is there a way to specify manually what maps to what using a .cfg file or something?
Date Posted: Feb 13, 2014 @ 7:54pm
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