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Kubu Tsukareta 2月13日 18時23分
Where do I find the telephone?
I want to be the telephone worker. I want to be able to listen in on any conversation, but still decide not to due to my sense of professinalism and courtesy.
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Adolf Lincler 2月14日 4時21分 
i think in one of the houses.
Leonard 2月14日 7時34分 
I think you just have to progress in the story,AFAIK is it the last of these items there.
piripiago 2月15日 23時05分 
The phone is in the book depository, but you can't get there until after the cemetary.

The first item you get, the stop sign, is in the open trunk of a car. The trunks of the other cars are closed, but you can punch them to open them.

The flower is behind a locked gate. Use clairvoyance on the crow feather to watch the locked gate and the smaller gate open and close together.
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