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Cupender 22 giu, ore 5:09
What is your favourte power.
What is your favourte psychonuats power, out of Marksmanship, Telekinies, levation, invisibility, clarivoince, pyrokinesis, shield and confusion.
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Kargor 22 giu, ore 15:00 
Whatever gets the job done.
Tomoko Kuroki 22 giu, ore 16:34 
Messaggio originale di Kargor:
Whatever gets the job done.
gmonkey142 22 giu, ore 19:16 
hello world.
Kiel 23 giu, ore 3:26 
Deff levation
cata 25 giu, ore 17:47 
Pyrokinesis is the way to go, tho I wish I had Dogan's power
Hollow Tip 26 giu, ore 18:05 
psy palm
frgovo 27 giu, ore 5:15 
From a gameplay standpoint, levitation. One single power that upgrades your whole control system in four different ways (better speed, better air control, ability to ride air currents and, later, to damage censors while rolling) is, in my opinion, the best power by default.

Conceptually, though, clairvoyance is the most interesting, and it gives great results even when used on the most unassuming objects (e.g. a keypad).
Demodulated 27 giu, ore 9:55 
Levitation for sure. I especially love Milla's level.
Herald 27 giu, ore 13:29 
I agree, Levitation is the most useful. It helps you get around faster.
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