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Zσι∂вєяg 18 jun om 9:39vm
How do you chance psychic powers? Need help
Im on the level where Raz is Gogalor, and i got the sheild badge, but i cant use it because i dont know how to switch it out with other psychic powers.
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Kargor 18 jun om 10:27vm 
I don't know the mouse/keyboard controls, but on the gamepad the "D-Pad" not only brings up the inventory page and changes through them, but also covers the powers page. I can select the power I want to use, and press the button I want to assign it to (there are only three, though -- right trigger, right shoulder and left shoulder).

So if you know how to get to the inventory, try some left/right stuff to see if it changes the displayed page :-)
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MrPower46 18 jun om 10:43vm 
Just so you know, the controls for that by default on the keyboard are "[" and "]", aka the square brackets.
Zσι∂вєяg 18 jun om 11:18vm 
Ok, thanks guys
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