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Kargor Jul 13 @ 5:09pm
"After the end"
Ok, so I finally finished it. Horrible last level, but... I got through it.

I know there is a way to get back to the "real world" through Lungfishwhatever -- however, the only description I found so far isn't very good, and also says you can't go back to Lungfishwhatever afterwards. So I guess I need to figure out whether I've completed everything there...

However, I seem to have other problems as well. For example, when I go back to that horrible Meat Circus, I end up before the last bossfights. How do I get back to the beginning of this?

Also, before using that "exit to the real world", there is no way to 'redeem' cobwebs and stuff?

There are also some achievements that I don't know what to do about. Like the Mr. Pokeylope: if I make it back to the real world, can I still use that guy? Or is that something I should have done after taking him from Dr. Loboto, but before continuing on the level?

And how do you even cook food? How do you hold a speech? How do you hear a ghost story, or witness someone transform?
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An0malies Jul 13 @ 9:46pm 
As far as redeeming cobwebs and such, there is a booth in the final level, I beleive it is at the start, before going into the tent area (where you 'babysit' the little kid). Also, most achievements not related to getting everything are all easter eggs that are missable if you don't do them at specific points in the game, to my knowledge
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