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BAT SHIELD Aug 12, 2014 @ 1:16pm
Does this game have FULL Controller support?
I know on the store page it only lists partial controller but Psychonauts is also on consoles. I was curious because I want to know if it will work on the Nvidia shield.
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MrPower46 Aug 13, 2014 @ 8:25am 
Other than the settings for things like sound and graphical options and controls, it is possible to control the rest of the game completely with a controller.
BAT SHIELD Aug 13, 2014 @ 5:17pm 
ty for the response!
Xessive Aug 15, 2014 @ 3:40am 
Keep in mind the onscreen button prompts do match with the controller. You'll still get keyboard button prompts like press "Q" or "E" rather than the Xbox button prompts.
badchad71 Aug 15, 2014 @ 3:24pm 
You can fix the controller problems so they show the proper button presses by using Voodooman's psychopad lite
See this link in the steam forums.
Unfortunately his links to download don't work anymore. But a quick google search brought me to this page

or if you just want the direct download page, here!1EAU1YAS!Tz8w49Njs_4T-Lp0JvbLethlzQYvvMyx7aZN53FGEko
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