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alexanderprz13 2014年8月4日 15時14分
In the clouds
While playing the Asylum level where you have to scale the asylum and get up to Dr. Loboto I noticed that if you look at the clouds you see....FACES
It looked weird but, for some reason when at the Asylum you see faces in the clouds it's so strange I played this game on PS2 back in like 2008 and I never knew this!
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flesk 2014年8月12日 4時26分 
I don't recall noticing that either. Do you have any screenshots of it?

I might have to do another playthrough of that level.
MrPower46 2014年8月13日 8時23分 
Every part of the asylum that can see outside has that texture in the sky-look at the texture that has the moon.

最近の変更はMrPower46が行いました; 2014年8月13日 8時28分
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