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PandaCan 2013年3月28日 16時50分
missing physxcudart_20.dll, anyone have the same problem?
Hi I'm on windows 8 64bit with an AMD graphics card (radeon hd 6800 series) and I keep getting an error message saying that I'm missing physxcudart_20.dll and need to uninstall and reinstall the game to fix the issue but doing that doesn't fix it. I even tried scanning game cache files for errors and that didn't help either, any ideas?
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Zorak 2013年3月28日 19時54分 
Download it online. Just google the .dll file, and you can find it and download it. Then put it in the Section 8 "binaries" folder within SteamApps.
brndnpnt 2013年3月31日 15時44分 
yeah I am having the same problem I hope for a fix
PandaCan 2013年4月1日 14時48分 
easy fix, but now I'm stuck at the "press any key" screen, and yes my keyboard works...
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