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PURPLE RAIN 2013年7月24日 7時37分
This game any good?
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Draumeland 2013年8月8日 16時30分 
Well, it's..mahjong, with dragons and talking animals. If you dont like mahjong, dragons, or talking animals it might not be for you.
Ad1 ♥ Kr1s 2014年2月17日 16時23分 
This game is very very nice. I know it since I was younger and I used to play it a lot. It challanges your mind to think more, if I can say it like that and it opens your eyes and helps u focus more. I personally liked this game a lot but I only played the first one. Steam has the bundle here which contains 1,2 and 3rd. I am looking forward of playing all of em :D. Awesome game :)
夜未眠 2014年6月8日 20時34分 
-75%,Please !!!
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