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Federation of Football Managers
Create your leagues with favorite teams, load the leagues created by other players.
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Deeper modifications support

Earlier you could change only four footballers’ settings: name, age, shirt number, face.

Now, we will add much more:
- footballer’s specialization (class)
- attributes
- level
- skills
- level of the specialization

Also, now you will be able to add more footballers to the teams. So now the teams can have up to 32 footballers.

As always, we pay a lot of attention to the usability of editing the teams. And we understand that when a footballer changes the club, it might be tedious to reflect these changes in the modification. So we added a great feature: copy/pasting the footballer’s settings. It will allow you easily move the footballers between clubs in few clicks.

New game mode: Start in the higher leagues

If you want to get the most from the downloaded mods, you should start a new campaign in the “Higher leagues” mode.

It disables the achievements. But! It loads all information from the modifications: age, attributes, skills etc.

So you will be able either create and play with realistic leagues and clubs or experiment with something unique. For example, create all teams equally weak or strong and see how they are developing.


We are going to start a closed beta-test of the new update in around 2-3 weeks. We have enough players who will be given the access to. But if you are an author of a modification, and you would like to upgrade it before the update is released, write me in Discord[]. I’ll contact you when the beta-test is started.

- - - - -
If you do like the new features, don’t forget to say it in the comments ;)

American mods for Football Tactics
======== United States ========
The US mod includes MLS, NASL, USL and some NPSL and PDL teams. It’s a standard for such a good mods to have all clubs’ logos and kits to be realistic:

What is really surprising in this mod is that Cates made the players’ faces as close to real as possible. Just look at Kljestan:

======== Mexico ========
The Mexican league includes the real logos of the teams and the team names with accurate kits from all 68 teams. It includes Liga MX, Liga Premier de Ascenso, and Liga de Nuevos Talentos.

======== CONCACAF Champions ========
The CONCACAF league contains real kits and clubs from the top teams in Central America and the Caribbean. It replaces the default Canadian league because its primary goal is to allow managers of clubs in the United States and Mexican leagues to play against realistic regional opponents in Football Tactics' continental cup competitions.

Here’s what Cates says about lower teams in this mod:
Originally posted by Cates:
In keeping with the "Cinderella story" format that is the basis for Football Tactics, the eight teams that begin play in the games' Amateur League are drawn from among the smallest football leagues in the region. Choose Hard Mode and take one of these tiny clubs to the top of the region!

======== NCAA College Soccer ========
Head to campus to build your own soccer dynasty! Will you guide a perennial power like Indiana University back to the top of the college game? Or do you take control of a small college trying to cement its place among the greats?

This modification as said in the title involves “college” teams from the top teams from United States college soccer. Each team features its own real logo and kits. The top 40 teams are drawn from the pre-season rankings for the 2016-17 season. The rest are teams who have been received votes in the rankings throughout the first eight weeks of the season, while others are schools with traditionally strong soccer programs.

Because this mod replaces the Canadian league, your college squad could eventually qualify for American continental competitions and face off against the best club teams from the United States, Mexico, and Brazil!

======== How to play the mods? ========
1) Subscribe to the mods you want to play. To access the mods, go to the "Workshop" section in steam ( Or use the links in the names of the every mod described above. To subscribe the mod, press the button “Subscribe” on the mod’s page. If you don’t see this button, log in to your Steam account.

2) Start a new campaign in Football Tactics

3) On the Modifications screen press on the arrows to select needed mods

4) Continue choosing or creating the team. After that, all selected modifications will be included in your game.

======== Final Notes ========
As developers, we are happy to showcase any creative ideas made by you, it could be anything from current real players to something you've made up - we love surprises!

If you want your mods to be featured, be sure that they are not only interesting by itself but also have a good description, icon, and screenshots on the mod’s page.

Also, we want to add that when we see new interesting mods, we always try to understand how we can serve you better in making the experience you want. So new features to the League's Editor are coming ;)