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Lemming Leader 2012年11月20日 14時34分
teleporter usage = crash?
I found an teleporter artifact - the idea seems nice, but whenever I use this feat the game will freeze. Anyone any experience or workarounds?
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Sgt. Deadmeat 2012年11月23日 2時29分 
didn't came across that one yet! How did you get it?
Lemming Leader 2012年11月24日 15時24分 
Got it after winning a mission in a battle cruiser -> is a random event.
slawek260 2012年12月27日 0時43分 
For me teleport work. Only problem in base sometimes when insert into equipment game crash and must put in else free slot. In comabt mode work good.
JDubs 2012年12月28日 0時42分 
I have gotten the teleporter, but have yet to use it. Is it a single use kind of item, or is it reusable for multiple battles?
slawek260 2012年12月28日 4時22分 
teleport is endless use
Benny Boy 2013年1月20日 20時22分 
I've used it loadsa times, great for scouting out, as you can teleport about three times for your APs, and cover about twice as much distance as you would walking (or teleport in, multi-shot/lob grenade, and teleport back out again - most entertaining) - screen goes a little wibbly where I teleport to, but it works fine
nomadredd 2013年1月31日 3時23分 
I love the teleporter. But the graphics is weird when teleporting. I dont know if it's a bug, but functionally speaking, it works great for me. No issue at all.
Lemming Leader 2013年2月13日 13時11分 
just as a short feedback: teleporter worked fine afterwards. Since then I started a new game -> made some mistakes with researches -> still have to finde a teleporter in the new game. So far no crash issues (except the known sell-building-crash).
nomadredd 2013年2月13日 23時38分 
Guys, just want to share some info. The steam version is good but I think when you install UNIMOD the game gets better big time. I got bored with the steam version on the Geo screen pretty fast. You dont even need to get those high end aircraft and the AI for the UFO are really stupid. But the gear on unimod is so much better. They have a separate belt and you no longer need to put 5-10 energy shields.

Overall, UNIMOD make the game more interesting than the original XCOM - becomes the worth successor of the series. So much better than the new XCOM we have in steam.
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