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Lucas Gaspar Sep 10, 2012 @ 2:27am
tips for color gathering!
I have tried many times to complete this game and i find myself everytime stuck by shortage of color. I think im doing something wrong, when i donate color to a tree i feel they return almost the same quantity to me.

Please share your tips to have a successfully gathering of color!
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Garfflesnark Sep 10, 2012 @ 3:19am 
Trees will return slightly more color than you give, but how generous the tree is in return depends on what you do when you 'plant' your tree. There are also several other techniques you can use to keep your color flowing. Don't worry about following ALL of these rules at the beginning of the game. Eventually you'll get to a point where you can utilize all of them.

Firstly, be sure to learn to draw your Donor glyph correctly. Reload until you perfect your technique, and always make sure you fill the tree to the brim. The less you give, the less you will get, and the less you will get when the tree renews in the future. Rotate your crops. You are a farmer, afterall. Don't go grand-mal color crazy with new trees. Plant only what you need. You'll get to a point in the game where fresh color is rare (even in Veins), and you are relying strictly on your gardens. You'll be glad you have new trees to plant.

Be sparing when you instigate 'conversation/donation' with trees and Sisters. It only takes 1 or 2 units of color to initiate interaction. Always use whatever color you have the most of to do this. Don't waste 10 color to talk to a Sister or plant a tree.

Something that might confuse players is the fact that when Ava lectures you about Silver, something gets lost in translation. Silver does NOT harm the realms. It will actually keep damage from occuring to the realms, and will slow the appearance of monsters that will steal your color and drain the landscape. Make sure you have Silver in your hearts when you donate ANYTHING once you obtain Silver. Trees and Sisters. Covet Silver. Always keep a little Silver Lympha on standby.

Before donating to trees, fill your hearts with Azure and Violet. Azure will speed up the donation process. Violet will make the tree fill using less Nerva. Fill up your hearts with Azure, Violet and Gold when you are filling a Sister's heart. Always make sure these colors are accompanied by hearts with Silver.

Do your best to advoid enemies who will drain your color. In fact, try to advoid enemies as much as possible. Keep realms healthy by putting Silver in your hearts. Use your Shell glyph (O) if you see you're about to be attacked.

Gather color from the native creatures. Some are easier and less wasteful to obtain color from than others (such as the Fireflies). Some of the monsters will drop color when you kill them, but they are oftentimes more trouble than they are worth. Try to advoid killing monsters as much as possible.

Use Amber to help convert Lympha faster, but be cautious so that it doesn't leak into the Void. Use math. Watch your numbers. Once you garner your 21st heart, you won't have to worry about leaking color into the Void, so you want to gather hearts as quickly as possible. This mostly involves killing Brothers.

WATCH the Brothers. Map out a harvesting route so they can't drink your gardens dry. Use Azure in your hearts and on the Void map to travel fast. Watch their movements. Get to your gardens before they do. Rotating trees is also for dropping color so you can absorb new Lympha if a Brother threatens one of your more bountiful gardens. Kill them all, as soon as you're able, and the entire Void will be your oyster.

Brothers are UNABLE to drink from untapped (un-mined) Veins. Don't stress about untapped color. Wait for the color to build up before you tap it, and don't stray too far from your newly tapped Vein until after a few cycles of draining it.

This is a VERY tough game. It hands you NOTHING. It took me a long while to beat, but you can do it if you keep at it. Good luck!
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Lucas Gaspar Sep 10, 2012 @ 9:29am 
wow!, those are very good tips!, im replaying the game right now, thank you!
Garfflesnark Sep 10, 2012 @ 3:04pm 
No problem!

Just be sure you make new saves often. (You can only save in the Void!)

Don't get too disheartened if you find you keep making mistakes. You will make mistakes in this game. LOTS of mistakes. Metric fu**-tons of mistakes. Sometimes even a couple of mistakes will detriment you. They'll paint you in a corner so tight that you'll realize you are no longer painting the floor with paint, but with lava. Just accept failure and re-load a previous save so you can try a different strategy. This game is complete white-knuckle strategy simply due to the color mechanic, and the farther you get the more you feel it.

The original title of The Void is "Tension"; you'll have certainly experienced that by the end of the game!
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Garfflesnark Dec 12, 2012 @ 1:57am 
Crop Rotation. You know, the way farmers in real life will rotate crops on fields to stretch out the usage of nutrients in a plot of land, and to give the fields a 'rest' between cultivations. :)

Doing Crop Rotation on trees is fairly easy - when you open a new garden, don't dump Nerva on every tree you see. Strategically place what colors you require on only a small number of trees in the garden.

This will:

a) Cause LESS DAMAGE to the garden - especially if your hearts are full of Silver.
b) Spawn FEWER MONSTERS, or no monsters at all. (I actually went through an entire game without any monsters spawning in a handful of my gardens due to careful farming of trees.)
c) Give you 'back-up' areas to (as I stated above) drop Nerva so you can absorb new Lympha if a Brother is threatening your garden (or if you're in a state of dreaded 'overflow').

Basically, as you may have noticed in the game, Brothers are sneaky b***ards that will go behind your back and leech the Lympha out of your gradens when you're not looking. Paying attention to where the Brothers are going on the map is VITAL to your survival. If you don't pay attention, a Brother can swoop right into a garden ripe and full of Color (Lympha), ready to be harvested, and consume every last drop. You're welcome to try to remove him, but he'll just swat you away like a fly.

(You CAN set TRAPS at some of the gardens to repell brothers; however, you must use quite a bit of color on the traps, and not all the gardens have them. I recommend using traps only as an initial line of defense for your BEST gardens.)

Early in the game, you will find that you can 'overflow' with Nerva. Before you have your 21st heart, it will simply overflow from your Lympha nodes into the Void (as the only way you can process color from Lympha to Nerva is while sitting in the Void) - which is VERY wasteful. You're basically draining yourself of all your Lympha when you do that (and thus, draining yourself of Life).

After you gather your 21st heart, this 'overflow' no longer happens; however, you will not be able to gather any more Lympha of a color when your Lympha node for that color fills until you remove some of your Nerva, as there is no more room for the processed Lympha to go. So, you'll be 'backed up', instead of 'overflowing'.

The best way to remove Nerva for EITHER situation ('overflow' or 'backup') is by either a) feeding Sisters or b) planting trees.

It is a HORRIBLE situation when you see you're almost to the point of 'overflow' or 'backup' and you see a Brother stealthing towards one of your ready-to-be-harvested gardens. You want to harvest the Lympha they're heading towards, but you have no room, and you need to make it to the garden before they do. So you rush to your garden-in-danger like the Roadrunner on speed and clickclickclick on the realm node and hope for the best.

If you DID NOT ROTATE your crops, you will have NO trees to 'dump' your excess Nerva on so you can go 'pick up' the fresh Color in your garden. You'll be sitting there, surrounded by trees filled to the brim with no way to 'get' it, because your Lympha nodes are full and you can't dump Nerva because there are no empty trees you can paint on. At that point, you'll have to either accept defeat - leave the garden, and let the Brother manhandle it - or reload a save.

Not following a strategy of Crop Rotation is one of the easiest ways, by the way, to paint yourself into a corner.

Edit: Oh, I actually forgot to add -- you're going to have to be able to juggle Lympha in your hearts in order to effectively deal with 'overflow' and 'backup'. This is fairly easy to do when you're about to go into 'overflow', because you probably won't have much of the overflowing color in your hearts (if at all). Doing this during a 'backup' can be a bit trickier, but you just have to trade out colors that you have the least Lympha for for the ones you need to dump Nerva for.

Just make sure that if you do need to spend some time generating Nerva after you dump your Color to make room to gather more Lympha, you fill your hearts with lots of AMBER. This way, if a Brother is near your garden, but is still a few seconds away, you will process Color into Nerva very quickly when you momentarily step back into the Void. Then you just have to click back on the garden right away before the Brother snatches it up, and you'll have room in your hearts/Lympha nodes to spare.
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Destijl Dec 19, 2012 @ 8:09am 
Khyle, have you considered writing a guide for this game? It sounds like you're quite qualified to do so.
Lucas Gaspar Dec 20, 2012 @ 7:46am 
Originally posted by Their Best Friend:
Khyle, have you considered writing a guide for this game? It sounds like you're quite qualified to do so.
Garfflesnark Dec 24, 2012 @ 11:28pm 
I'd been thinking about it. It's a matter of finding time to do so, though.

If I do, I'll definitely let people know.
Destijl Dec 25, 2012 @ 9:19am 
That makes sense. And regardless of what you end up doing, thanks for all you've done already!
Symphony Dec 27, 2012 @ 3:38am 
Even with all that Khyle has said, it still feels overwhelming. The game is great, but there is hardly room for error. My first playthrough I didn't make it very far, because I wasn't making the donor symbol correctly on trees, thus having a weak first garden. Which was fixed in my second one when I realized I was doing it wrong. (I turned on subtitles that tells you your donor symbol is wrong, without subtitles you wouldn't know otherwise).
My second playthrough I made it to I think Cycle 8. Having 6 hearts, but I still ran out of color. I had just opened the mines too.

The other sisters to get a new garden take way too much color to unlock... and by the time you can go and see them, your trees will be tapped. Which is another thing I wonder on, I've never made it far enough to where a tree that has "died", come back to life. Will it be an empty tree? Or will it be as strong as when you grew it?
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Lucas Gaspar Jan 18, 2013 @ 12:12am 
Originally posted by Khyle:
I'd been thinking about it. It's a matter of finding time to do so, though.

If I do, I'll definitely let people know.

Steam just released "Steam Guides" so if you are doing one you can use that :P
Garfflesnark Feb 9, 2013 @ 4:14pm 
Now that "Steam Guides" exist, I might take some time to create a few guides. It seems like you guys might really get good use out of them.

I completely won't lie: it is excrutiatingly overwhelming. It is a great game, but you're absolutely correct. There's hardly room for error. NO room for error, really. Learning how to draw the symbol correctly is one of those things you need to focus on first, before proceeding with the rest of the game. Literally. Make a save, go into a garden, practice filling trees, re-load, rinse, repeat.

Having subtitles on through this game is a good idea, anyway. Some things aren't spoken/translated well. Having subtitles on will assist you in processing information better.

Sisters do take massive amounts of color to get anywhere with them. Always, ALWAYS make sure you have Gold, Silver and Violet in your hearts when feeding a Sister. Always make sure you have Silver and Violet in your hearts when feeding a Tree. It will help a lot in the long-run.

When a Tree dies and re-cycles, it will be both an Empty Tree and a tree that is NOT as strong when you re-grow it. You get less and less color from trees the more times you re-grow them. This is another important reason why you should rotate your gardens. You get trees that give massive quantities of color later on, but only later on.
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