kamuiRzy Dec 11, 2013 @ 11:41am
some active clans here? (maybe) you need it
Hey supp everybody right now i will give you some opportunity (on my TeamSpeak³ server) this is a free international TeamSpeak³ server free for all
if you have a clan and need a clan channel then let me know,you will become your OWN clan channel or if you do some Let's Plays and need your OWN LP channel w/e, this server is free for all

Serverstatus: Permanently Online

for the guys who really need a server,thats then like your OWN server dont worry you dont have to pay for it or something or i wont ask you for some money (cause the most guys ask me "really free?")

if you are intrested or have some questions then just add me

i wish you guys a very nice merry christmas with good cheer and take care

-Sorry for my English btw

-kamui naksu