meadowcat May 2 @ 2:24am
Playing on 2 accounts at once. - double mounting(?)
Since the last big game update, I can't have 2 versions of the FW running at once. When I try and start the second copy now, I get the message "You need to install Arc". Well I don't want to install Arc, but I do want to have 2 persos live at the same time. Is this going to be fixed?
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'cig' May 7 @ 11:59pm 
there is a work around. Make a game.exe shortcut on your desktop. Right click it, click properties. Find the line that says target and where it ends "...\game.exe" . Add a space after the close quoatation and type steam:1. There you go
meadowcat May 19 @ 12:12pm 
thank you!
Chobits_Chii May 24 @ 10:26pm 
Thousand, thousand thanks
That was my problem ^-^
Arc is totally pointless ...
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