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Zer0]{elvin  [developer] Jul 14, 2016 @ 7:30pm
Platfinity Update History / Changelog
Changelog (notable new features or fixes), newest updates first.

Fixed a bug that would cause missing sounds if an End Point Go To Game Tile
was used to make a second level before the first level was saved
Fixed Engine crash bug when sounds failed to copy due to End Point Go To Game
Fix for game view shifting when mousing to the sides of the screen in less than
1920x1080 resolution
Fix for Tile highlight appearing in Engine after going to menus
Moved folder listing to the left in Load Sounds Menu
Added Data Icon to Load Graphics and Sounds Menus to open AppData/Import
Fix for achievements unlocking by editing demo games (no shneakin', heheh)
Fixed Start Point and End Point Properties can be applied to the same Special Tile
Fix for Music overlapping and playing forever if Sound Preview is not stopped when
music is loaded

User can pick up and drop the Character by clicking with the mouse
End game stats now count total Time and Deaths of all levels in multi-level games
Tooltips are now easier to read
Text Box Texts in games are now easy to read on any background color
Reset the Current Game resets to the first level in exported games, to the
beginning of the current game level in the editor
Fixed a bug with Tooltips appearing under some words on Settings Tab

Updated physics on all demo games

Steam Controller tested and working

Character movement physics can now be customized
Jump physics improved
Movement Inertia effect optimized, can be turned off
Physics code updated
Fixed a bug where PLAY MODE was showing when playing an Exported Game
Controller sensing removed to fix framerate drop/stutter,
controllers now work fine but must be plugged in before starting Platfinity

Rising Curtain and Game Title can be turned on or off
Game Title can be changed
Exports: Custom graphics now loading with Exported Games (Customize
Loading Screen, Game Credits, Game Title on Main Menu)
Exports: Platfinity Logo removed from Quit screen

Text Box Texts now stay in one spot and fade out
"Load a Game" Button changed to "Load or Create a Game"
Engine: "Reset the current Game" changed to "Reset the Game"
Engine: Social icons removed from Exported Games

Mouse Wheel works for up and down on Game Load, Save, Profile Menus
Ghost in the City updated
Autoscroll up down works on Menus and Object Properties Arrows

Autoscroll up down speeds up the longer it's held on the Import menu
Mouse Wheel now works for up and down on Import Graphics Menu
Hold down the mouse button to autoscroll through asset filenames on Import Menu
Moved Folder text over in Load Asset Menu to show longer file paths

Platform code improved, Character can now jump through the bottoms of platforms
Fixed: Mousing over area under End Point Go To Game causes screen elements
to turn green

Fixed: Sound Bug - missing or corrupted sound file causes crash exception error

Controller support: X360, F310, PS3(Generic), Fixed/added pdp Versus
Fighting Pad
Fixed: 360 controller problems
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Zer0]{elvin  [developer] Sep 23, 2016 @ 9:02am 
Updated 9/23/2016
Melwing Sep 28, 2016 @ 9:13pm 
Fantastic. I'm going to take a 2nd look at this now :)
Zer0]{elvin  [developer] Dec 10, 2016 @ 10:57am 
Updated 12/10/2016
Zer0]{elvin  [developer] Jan 31 @ 2:08pm 
Updated 1/31/2017
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