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How to get the most fun out of Half-Life Deathmatch: Source
by Sarmon
Playing the game like it's meant to be played isn't really that fun. Here's a guide how to actually have some fun with console commands of this game....
How to chat
by The`Heaven`Ally
Press Y. Congratulations, you can now talk to other people using chat. Next guide: How to +use...
Hi There, i am gonna tell you how to creat a server for Half-Life DeathMatch Source. Lets Start from STEP 1:- STEP 1:- Download the Tool From The Link if you have any old tool install just delete them first and and download from this link wich is g...
How to make a dedicated server (POST-STEAMPIE)
by The`Heaven`Ally
This guide will teach you how to make a dedicated server for this game, some advices, and some plugin recommandations....
Tipe of players/tipos de jugadores
by [TEWP]Crazy Young Pony56
THIS guide is only for players of this game.this have a type of players in hldms we can found him in the servers or in other games....
How to make friends here and other servers/como hacer amigos
by [TEWP]Crazy Young Pony56
This guide is only for learn how to do friends its too easy only read this guide and TIME FOR HAVE FRIENDS!!! and having fun whith hem/ Hola esta guia te enseñara a hacer amigos en este juego en fin lee esto y sera HORA DE HACER AMIGOS!!!! y divertirte ...
How to Troll Hard in Half-Life Deathmatch: Source
by Rambonxious Puppy
This guide will show you how to sufficiently troll anyone on the server....