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Easy Money (Zen garden)
by Mr_Ryab
A simple trick to earn money through the zen garden....
Last Stand Mini-Game Guide
by Marigold
This is a guide to complete the Mini-Game named Last Stand. If you are trying to complete either the Nobel Peas Prize or the Beyond The Grave achivement, this might be useful to you. Atleast if you, as I, had trouble with this particular level....
Plants vs Zombies: All Achievements Guide
by chicks
I wanted to get all of the Steam Achievements myself and the only convenient guide I could find was in French. So here is a translation with some minor improvements I hope to make the life easier for the English speakers that want to keep the zombies out...
Cheats, Glitches, and unlockables.
by Zorlac
This is a list of the cheats, unlockables, and known glitches for Plants vs Zombies....
Vasebreaker Endless Tips
by Marona
I can't tell you how to get the China Shop Achievement, but I can give you tips to do so!...
Easy Cash In-Game
by U WOK M8
Get $1,250 every 5 seconds. Very easy to do. I'm surprised no-one's posted this before....
PvZ - Money Farm (ENG/PL)
by Kosiator
Here i will show you how to easy farm money in Plants vs Zombies. I hope u enjoy :) Pokażę ci tutaj jak w prosty sposób farmić monety w Plants vs Zombies. Mam nadzieję że ci się spodoba :)...
Plants vs Zombies save progress trick
by Mhill2029
A simple method to make some modes a little easier to deal with....
Survival: Day Strategy
by wsm
This strategy is for Survival: Day and is very useful for getting the Sunny Days achievement and also works well as a money farm....
Trucos, curiosidades y desbloqueables
by Ryo
Guía de los trucos, desbloqueables y curiosidades y glitches conocidos del juego Plantas contra Zombis....