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Star Control: The Ur-Quan Masters

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Draginol  [developer] Oct 20 @ 7:23am
FAQ: Star Control 1/2 and Ur-Quan Masters HD
This is the original Star Control 1 and 2 released back in 1992. It has also been available on GOG since 2012ish.

There is a fan remake called UR-Quan Masters HD.

We renamed SC 1/2 to Star Control: The Ur-Quan Masters in deference to the original programmers of that game as they are actively working on a direct sequel called “Ghosts of the Precursors”.

In addition, like on GOG, the original developers receive a royalty.

Get this version of you want to see what the original 1992 game was like. Get the HD version if you want to see a modern remake of it.
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Worth the purchase to support you guys.

I've been playing Star Control 2 year on - year off with the Ur-Quan Masters, but I have to admit I could not resist having the "original" one in my Steam collection.

Would be nice if you could add the "Ur Quan Masters" to this release, but I'm already quite happy to be able to get this one on steam.

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