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The Curious Expedition

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Explore procedural modding
Encounter endless possibilities with Curious Expedition mods. From simple items to new characters or expeditions to the moon, everything is possible.
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Updates! Updates! Updates!
1.3.5 (February 6th, 2018)

  • Changed Lovecraft unlock condition to using Necronomicon instead of just finding it
  • On the world map extra worlds and unvisited worlds were shown in gold color. Now only extra worlds are shown in gold color. Unvisited worlds are marked with the fame badge, making it easier to distinguish between the two.
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed golden pyramid not spawning in some special biomes
    • Fixed not being able to explore golden pyramid in some special biomes
    • Fixed broken names of special worlds on world map
    • Fixed Linux crash on startup
  • Modding
    • Added support for fallback entries in build lists

1.3.4 (January 30th, 2018)

  • Fixed green mushroom not giving sanity boost for shamans
  • Fixed stuck in celebration screen when no medals left
  • Removed report button as we are reworking them
  • Fixed some achievements not triggering if they were accomplished before the achievement update
  • Fixed performance issues on some machines
  • Mod Tools
    • Fixed not being able to update steam mods due to bad cache
    • Fixed game not loading when missing images, instead a proper error message will be printed
    • After refreshing all mods should be enabled again
    • Remember debug choices in main menu debug bar
    • Improved colors in the debug bar
    • Added clear button to log viewer
    • Removed some debug flags and set them to always be automatically enabled
    • Added "Event Checks" check box to log viewer, allowing to see very detailed event computation in the log and understand why exactly a event is failing or not
    • Print log output to tce-log.txt file as well

1.3.3 (January 11th, 2018)

  • Modding Features
    • Added "reload mods" to in-game debug bar, allowing to adapt script and play the change without having to restart the game
    • Added support for reqXP and reqMapScore
    • Added support for specifying custom loyalty for characters
    • Modding recognized as disabled when all mods have been disabled manually
    • Added debug button N for enabling/disabling tile borders for debugging
    • Made parsing of mods more robust
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed overriding image slots in mods
    • Fixed support for mods on OSX
    • Fixed stunned dice in combat were never reset
    • Fixed debug text showing up in game
    • Steam: Fixed unsubbing mod did not remove it from game
    • Steam: Fixed redownloading previously subscribed mods
    • Steam: Fixed mods being stored in wrong folder

1.3.2 is out! (WE LOVE MODS)
  • Made reset profile less likely to be hit accidentely
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed altar broke when sacrificing certain items
    • Fixed window not covering whole game area
    • Fixed showing item count on actions with required items
    • Fixed unlocking characters
    • Fixed issues with steam achievement syncing
    • Reduced target count for explorer-collect achievement
  • Modding
    • Added refresh button to modding screen which allows to reload mods without leaving screen
    • Remember entity history for in-game debug bar
    • Add bonus syntax support for XP, compass score, karma
    • Print syntax parsing errors for mods in debug console
    • Added a warnings/error counter to the show-log button in the debug bar (gets reset on every mod refresh)
    • Fixed upload button
    • Fixed corrupted game state after deleting mods