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[ICE] Surtur  [developer] Aug 15 @ 12:19am
Oriental Empires to Launch 14 September 2017
Game launches in a month from today so be sure take advantage of this week’s 25% off.

After an interesting period of 1 year, Oriental Empires will be leaving Steam Early Access soon! What can you expect to see at full release? Aside from many improvements, fixes and updates, we will launch the game with multiplayer, more supported languages and a brand new historical campaign!

During Early Access we have regularly patched and updated Oriental Empires. We’ve added new languages, new diplomacy options and the battles and AI have been vastly improved upon. In addition, we made many other tweaks and changes to enhance the user experience and help first time players to find their way.

Upon release, we will present you with a major update. This update will bring all the latest tweaks and changes from the beta branches, as well as the multiplayer mode and a brand new scenario focused on the infamous Warring States Era. With this scenario, players will be able to jump directly into a populated map as one of several new factions. The Warring States scenario brings a completely new experience to the game, where factions have already established themselves and war might break out during the very first turn.

The final release of the game will by no means mean the end of development. We will continue to update and support the game, so keep your feedback coming!
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Good job
Zoem007 Aug 15 @ 11:40pm 
oh man if only i waited 4 days :(
Haddon Aug 16 @ 4:06pm 
Yay, I was hoping for a Warring States. When within the Warring States period will it start? Is it like the rise of Qin, or just kind of a random year sometime after Spring and Autumn?
Neutron  [developer] Aug 16 @ 10:05pm 
Start date is 407 BC. So after the split of Jin, but before the first conquest of Zhongshan.
Celcer Aug 27 @ 2:14am 
Will there be a steam workshop?
Neutron  [developer] Aug 27 @ 2:42am 
Not straight away. In the future maybe, depending on how much work it requires.
Will the map editor be ready at launch?
Neutron  [developer] Aug 28 @ 10:56am 
Sorry no, it was never intended as a launch feature. Hopefully wont be too long after release though.
kkc495 Sep 11 @ 4:12am 
So do we have to pay again to get the full version or it is auto update from early access game without user doing anything?
[ICE] Surtur  [developer] Sep 11 @ 5:35am 
If you own the Early Access version of the game, your game will automatically be updated on the day of release, so you will have immediate access to the full game.
kkc495 Sep 13 @ 12:19am 
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viranto Sep 13 @ 10:50pm 
It's the 14. september. Which time would came the update today?
Neutron  [developer] Sep 13 @ 11:26pm 
Publisher is in the Netherlands, so have to wait until they wake up and get into their office.
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